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A continuing & professional service based on confidence


17 years in interpreting: over 500 days participation in exhibitions across a spectrum of industries and 300 days in accompanying interpreting: all these experiences allow me to offer you suitable and reliable services.

 My services includes :

- Interpreting
- Continuing Business Support
- Interview & Television Translation
- Translation
- Sourcing
- Tour Guide



Experienced, Professional, Reliable

With 4 years study in Business French and 7 years experience serving clients from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco and Algeria, I am qualified to provide professional services to both business travelers and leisure tourists coming to Asia. I am specialized in business communication, exhibition and organizing business trips, with extensive experience in fields such as art, textiles, fashion, stage, cosmetics and manufacturing.

With excellent planning skills and effective time management, I will make sure you enjoy your stay in Asia without any difficulties with communication or organisation as if you have a personal assistant with you.

Thoughtful Service

For regular clients, I accept payment after the service is completed with certain level of deposit. In this way, you don’t need to worry about money exchange during your journey. You will receive an invoice with all expenses listed in details at the end of your travel.

I have confidence in you as you in me.

Main Clients

- La Fédération française de la couture, du prêt-à-porter, des couturiers et des créateurs de mode
- Chinese Element International Creative Award
- Shanghai Art Fair
- Hangzhou Art Fair
- Francophone countries companies
- Several television programs
- Presenting 2 French companies in China
- L’Oréal Paris China


I provide all following services in China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Guide service is also available in Japan.

My Services :

  • Help you to find Chinese suppliers or distributers.
  • Help you to contact, discuss and negotiate with the suppliers or distributors you have selected.
  • Continuing business support include : quality control, container loading inspection, contact with supplier / distributer. Following contact in order to develop a durable business relationships and trust.
  • Translation service for your China or Chinese culture based programs.
  • Organize your travel, accompany you to discover the landscapes and cultures in Asia during your trip.
  • Translation, localization and adaptation for your website or application.

Traval Organisation

- Exhibition Interpreting
- Conference Interpreting
- Accompanying Interpreting
- Interview / Television Interpreting

- Voyage Reservation (Airline Tickets, Train, Hotels)

- Planning Management (Appointment with suppliers / distributers, visits)

Continuing Support

- Quality Control

- Contact with supplier / distributers

- Container Charging Inspection

- Search for suppliers / distributers

Voyage Consultant

- Tourist Interpretation

- Custom travel

- Voyage Reservation (Airline Tickets, Train, Hotels)


Professional Fee


- Exposition (9h00-17h00, SH) From US$280/jr
- Business Traval From US$340/jr (SH)
From US$390/jr (Hors SH)
- Conference / Interview TBD

Business support

- Following Service From US$230/day
- Sourcing TBD

Touristic service

- Personalised traval
   (w/guide service)
From US$280/jr


- French-Chinese From US$130/K words
- Chinese-French From US$100/K Chinese Characters

* The hosting and travel expenses are not included in the price.
* The prices above are for reference. The quotation varies by location and duration.
Please contact me for an accurate quote.




Leynad MAR

+86 135 64 46 32 75
+852 68 77 00 11


Leynad MAR

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I am always ready to travel, I'm used to, and I will be happy to travel with you.

  • All services are available in China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
  • Tour guide service is also available in Japan.
  • Tour guide service in English is available in the rest of Asia.


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